TCBT – The Complete Business Toolkit for Micro-Entrepreneurs

5-day Skills Programme

NQF Level 2, Total Credits: 25

Services SETA, Course ID: 49648
Produce a Business Plan –  U/S: 119670
Manage Marketing & Sales – U/S: 119672
Manage Finances – U/S: 119674

This 5-day programme is adapted from Services SETA: New Venture Creation and is designed for corporates considering a retrenchment programme or looking to improve entrepreneurial thinking. It is specifically adapted for launching a micro-business or assisting a start-up that is still in the idea phase.

Informal Small Business Management

5-day Skills Programme

NQF level 4, Total Credits 38

Services SETA course ID 66249
Apply Innovative Thinking to the Development of a Small Business – U/S 114600
Manage Finances of a New Venture – U/S 263474
Manage General Administration – U/S 114805
Produce Business Plans for a New Venture – U/S 114592
Foster and Maintain Customer Relations – U/S 123258
Explain Marketing for SMME’s – U/S 115857

This 5-day programme is adapted from the Services SETA and is designed for corporates who want to improve the business capabilities and entrepreneurial thinking of their employees, or those considering retrenchment programmes. The programme also helps equip potential business owners with the skills they need to build and maintain a sustainable small business.

Waste Management and Recycling

5-day Skills Programme

NQF level 2, Total Credits 10

LGSETA course ID 49645
U/S 119558 – Work with, use and care for materials and resources that can impact on health and the environment

This is a 5-day programme. Adapted from LGSETA Environmental Management, this skills programme is ideal for individuals who want to start a business in the Waste and Recycling sector, or for companies and organisations already in this sector, who wish to train incoming and existing staff in the general principals and broad overview to waste management and the environment, contributing to a circular economy.

Business Administration Services for Entrepreneurs and Office Workers

5-day Skills Programme

NQF Level 2, Total Credits: 30

Services SETA, Course ID 23833
Personal Growth – 119670
Communication at Work – U/S 14348
Workplace Interaction – U/S 8618
Team & Time Management – U/S 14342 & 8420
Using a Computer – U/S 7547
Reports and Data – U/S 14346
General Office Skills – U/S 8104 & 14347
Basic Finance Skills – U/S 14353

This course is designed to meet the needs of those who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Administration.

This programme is particularly suited to those learners who are performing secretarial and administrative tasks in commercial and non-commercial organisations across the entire spectrum but have not had the opportunity to obtain a formal school qualification beyond NQF level 1.

Community Support and Development Skills

3-day Skills Programme

NQF Level 3, Total Credits: 22

ETDP SETA course ID 66749
U/S 244611 – Apply problem solving techniques to make a decision or solve a problem in a real life context.
U/S 119361 – Facilitate community access to resources
U/S 264260 – Facilitate a peer interaction intervention.

This skills programme is adapted from ETDP SETA Community Development and is ideal for companies or any organisation who wants to upskill their staff in community development matters, or for NGO’s and NPO’s running training to upskill communities to be able to facilitate their own interventions amongst their own community members, teaching them to take ownership of community problem solving and find their own solutions

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