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Babalwa Klaas

I'm a very young, dedicated, kind, loving, caring, trustworthy and communicative person. I'm a very hard working person who could go extra mile in doing something. I believe everything I life doesn't come easy it needs a lot of hard working. Working with people is natural to me because I know I can gain lot of knowledge and they can do the same with me.
Challenges are my keys to unlock difficulties to make them easy. My dream is to help my family and community with the knowledge i have because they transformed me into the person I am today with their support, judgement, critisizement. I want to give them benefit of the doubt.
When I do something it's not about the salary I get, it is about the love I have for the job I am doing, my passion for it.
If you can give me a chance to prove my abilities and talents you won't be disappointed that I promise. When I do something I do it with a lot of pride, confidence, perseverance and I put 100%. I have the ability to accurately perceive my own emotions and stay aware of them as they happen. This include keeping track of how I tend to respond to specific situations and certain people. The ability to use awareness of my emotion to stay flexible and positively direct my behavior. This means managing my emotional reactions to all situation and people


  • Contactable References

    1. Ms Pamela Matyeke
    Department of Social Development
    Tel : 0533531415
    Cell : 0636934859
    Relationship : Mentor / Community Developer Practitioner
    2. Ms Patricia Meyer
    Department of Social Development
    Tel : 0517531281
    Cell : 0732145207
    Relationship : Assistant Parole Officer / Supervisor
    3. Ms Nombulelo Modiha
    Eskom Generation Gariep Dam
    Tel : 0219152592
    Cell : 0835216557
    Relationship : Sister

  • Experience as a Facilitator

    It was an amazing experience and scaring in the same time. I had to offer support, expose the young people to new ideas, perspectives, standard and to value norms of society. Encourage new ways of thinking and acting, pushes them to stretch their capabilities. I had to make sure that before I ca facilitate any topic I know all the facts and always make sure when facilitating that whenever I am raising my opinion I let them know "in my opinion" because we have different views and opinions in life its not wrong. And to do few exercise to not tire them up.

  • SETA information

    Not Registered with any SETA

  • Availability

    Available on short notice (less than a week)

  • Facilitation Languages


  • Valid driver’s license


  • Prepared to travel



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